Saturday, February 5, 2011

Features Platform: Mission

Assuming there exists a potential way to simulate an Official Baseball Game online, the mission of the Features Platform is to organize my thoughts as to what the online game might look like, how the online version can be improved over the board game (addressing, and perhaps mitigating, weaknesses in the original game itself), and to offer bits of working game features to be tested and discussed.

My original idea to do an online simulation of an Official Baseball Game came about in the Spring of 2007.  I had some improvements in mind at the time, but, because they were not documented, whenever I thought to work on the project I found my recollection murky at best.  The Features Platform should help prevent that from happening, as it will contain a running dialog of ideas and thoughts.  Anyone should feel free to chime in if they have any additional comments to keep the project moving forward.


  1. Joe,
    I first got my game at a yard sale outside of Cleveland in the early 1970's. I have had the game many different times, but the price has really risen in the last few years. A 1972 edition does exist, but is fairly rare.

  2. True, and especially with all the cards intact. There are a lot of the better player's cards being sold individually on eBay like they were regular baseball cards, so that would make finding a game with every player card especially difficult.

  3. The thing I always loved about the game was that it allowed you to use your imagination alot. I have played the game by adding outs to the pitcher's cards. This is different from pitcher to pitcher. The cards allow people like Bubba Morton, Chuck Hinton, Jerry Adair to be stars. I also like the fact that you have the player's faces instead of just numbers.

  4. Has there been any progress made on this?

    Patrick Wentzel