Sunday, February 6, 2011

Official Baseball Player's List

The other pamphlet that came with the game was the original Official Baseball Player's List which was effectively a roster list of all 24 Major League teams in 1969, along with the 296 player names, and what teams they would have been assigned to by default.

Quickly doing the math, if you divide 296 player cards by 24 teams, you'll discover that the game offered an average of 12 players per team.  Given that some teams, such as the Cubs (17), Tigers (16), Twins (15) and many others had well over 12 players, I bet you'll have no problem deducing our first Official Baseball Game Weakness, which left even 8-year-olds scratching their heads.

We'll discuss each weakness of the game one-by-one, and how they might each be mitigated (where possible) in the online simulation.

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